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    Your attendance and promptness are important to the successful operation of Crossroads Homecare. Consequently, you are expected to keep regular attendance, be on time, and work as scheduled.


    In addition, if you become ill or are injured during the work day, or must leave early for any other reason after arriving to work, you must personally notify your supervisor before leaving. Unless you have made other arrangements, you must call your supervisor each day of your absence. Any absence for two (2) days or more without personally notifying your supervisor may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Your last day worked will be the date of separation. Failure to return from an approved leave of absence will be considered a voluntary resignation, in which case the date of the expiration of the leave will be considered the separation date.


    Home care staff employees may not be absent or tardy more than two (2) times per month for any reason. If you are scheduled and are absent more than two (2) days in a row due to illness or injury, you are required to furnish a doctor's excuse before you may return to work. Frequent absences or tardiness may result in probation, suspension or termination.


    It is the responsibility of all employees to meet the standards of attendance. Chronic, habitual and/or excessive lateness or absenteeism, as determined by Crossroads Homecare, will not be tolerated. Employees are scheduled to work in order to meet quality and operational requirements. Your failure to report to work on time, or not to report at all, affects Crossroads Homecare's ability to provide client services and places an undue burden on those who report to work as scheduled. It is, therefore, essential that you report to work on time at the start of your shift in accordance with your work schedule.


    A "No call/No show" is considered Job Abandonment and is a critical rule violation and subject to disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination depending on circumstances.



    If an emergency arises and you need to report off of work, you must call the main office number at


    (908) 454-7200 ext 9.

    This is the ONLY way to report off of work.


    You must also speak to a live person, Do Not Leave A Message only.

    If you do not get a live person when you call, leave a message and your phone call will be returned immediately.

    This phone number is available for employee's call off 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Telephone Extension List


    Melody Anthony   |  Office Manager - extension 2


    Janice Palma  |  Director of Nursing - extension 4


    Gregory Palma  |  Business Director - extension 6


    After Hours Emergencies - extension 9







    The following policies have been established for the benefit of the home care staff to prevent potential conflicts between our clients, their family, the agency and you, the direct care staff.

    Often a number of family members or friends are involved with the client, each concerned with the care and welfare of that individual, and the home care staff employee is placed in the sensitive position of caring for a vulnerable and dependent person. Therefore, the family could become suspicious of any employee action that appears questionable. If an employee conducts himself/herself in accordance with these policies a misunderstanding that could lead to claims of abuse, neglect, theft, or any type of criminal conduct can be limited.

    The management of Crossroads Homecare will cooperate fully with police or any investigating agency concerning allegations by a client or a client's family with regard to the misdeed of an agency employee.


    Do not solicit money from clients for any school, social, church, volunteer or charitable organization.


    Do not accept money from a client. This includes, but is not limited to, gifts or loans for any purpose.

    NOTE: This policy includes any form of payment for services. All payments must follow Crossroads Homecare's normal billing procedure.


    Do not accept any gifts from a client. Crossroads Homecare does recognize, however, that on some occasions (birthdays or holidays) a client may want to express appreciation or good wishes with a gift. If so, please inform the client that he/she must contact the office before you can accept any gift.


    Do not assist the patient with financial matters such as paying bills or writing checks. You may provide this assistance only if it is arranged through the office and documented in the client's file by a member of the office staff. To avoid potential conflict, we will inform family members that you are providing this assistance.

    In New Jersey, it is illegal for anyone other than licensed professionals - RNs or LPNs - to administer medication or injection. You may not, under any circumstances, dispense or administer medication (including over the counter or prescription) unless you are a licensed professional nurse, and then only with a doctor's order that has been obtained by the nursing supervisor. If you are not licensed, and you are requested by the client, the client's family or the client's doctor to dispense medication, you must refuse to do so and call the office immediately. We will make arrangements to assure the client receives his/her medication. Your responsibility is to say "NO".


    Do not discuss matters relating to a client's Last Will and Testament with the client or anyone. If a client asks you for advice, encourage the client to consult an attorney. Employees may NOT sign or witness any documents for the client such as checks or wills. It is against Crossroads Homecare's policy for a client to directly hire a Crossroads Homecare employee. It is also against Crossroads Homecare's policy for an employee to solicit into hiring the employee direct.


    This policy applies to all full-time and part-time employees. A client cannot hire any Crossroads Homecare employee either directly or indirectly introduced to them by Crossroads while the employee is in the employ of Crossroads Homecare, or for a period of one (1) year thereafter. If this agreement is broken, the employee will pay Crossroads Homecare a placement fee of $3,000.00. Accepting work within the one (1) year period will place you in violation of this policy and will be grounds for termination.




    Do not accept any keys, including house, car, safe deposit box, etc. from a client unless you notify the scheduling coordinator or nursing supervisor and have received approval. Do not bring any unauthorized individual into the client's home. This means you may not bring your children, family members, friends or pets into the client's home during a scheduled assignment or when you are off duty.


    Do not drive the client's car or drive the client in your car. Crossroads Homecare discourages client transport by an employee. However, we do recognize the need for transportation, and we will grant permission for an employee to transport a client only after we have received a signed Release from Liability from the client. Safety belts must be worn at all times.


    Do not use the client's telephone for any personal calls unless an emergency arises.

    Under absolutely no circumstances are you to give out a client's telephone number. If your family needs to reach you, they can contact Crossroads Homecare and a member of the office staff will contact you at the client's home.


    Do not give your home telephone number or address to any client or institution for which you may work. Even if you expect the client will want to contact you, do not give your number. They can contact you through the office. Crossroads Homecare never gives employee's home telephone numbers - for your protection.

    If you are required, in the course of your duties, to make purchases for the client, and the client provides you with cash for those purchases, you must obtain receipts to account for all money spent. You must return these receipts to the client. If it is necessary for the client to write a check, the client must, in their own handwriting, make notation of the transaction on the face of the check (Example: groceries, medicine, etc.). We keep records of all money exchanged in homes.


    Do not use the client's credit or charge privileges for any purpose. The unauthorized use of another person's charge account is illegal and could result in criminal charges.


    Do not consume or use alcoholic beverages or drugs prior to your shift or while on duty. Violation of this policy will result in your immediate termination. The client's medication is for their use only.


    Do not take any prescription or non-prescription medication belonging to the client.

    You are to perform only the duties or provide only the care included in your job description or designated in the care plan or task sheet for the client to whom you are assigned. Call the office if you have any questions regarding your responsibilities.


    Do not leave a client's home during your scheduled hours without notifying the office before you leave. You may leave only if you are doing so at the request of the client, and the health and safety of the client will not be jeopardized if you leave.

    You must immediately report to the office any incident in a home or institution involving an accident or injury to the client or yourself. You must also report missing or lost personal property belonging to the client or yourself. A blank Incident Form is included in your orientation packet. There is also a blank Incident Form in the back of each client's Daily Journal.

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