Parkinson's Care

Man with Parkinson's.

Specialized Training

  • Our caregivers receive special training on many chronic health problems including how to assist someone who has Parkinson's disease. Special training on Fall Prevention and Parkinson's Related Dementia.  All caregivers receive regular in-service education on continuing care for  persons with Parkinson's.  Our training consists of classroom sessions, required reading and hands on training. Caregivers are tested and must exhibit high levels of proficiency to maintain their license and employment.   

Home Health Aide brings a meal to a patient.

Hand's on Experience

We have many caregivers with years of experience working with patients with Parkinson's disease. They have seen first hand the problems related to the disease and how it affects our patients and those around them.

Home Health Aide assists a senior with Parkinson;s disease.

Caring and Compassionate

Our caregivers are there to insure safety and help make the day easier.